Hello Change Seeker!

Are you tired of trying to be perfect? You are exactly at the right place!

My name is Frida,

I am here to support you on building a Growth Mindset to experience Success.

As a trusted Guide, I help my clients to get out of the perfectionist trap. By working with me, they learn to live an imperfectly free and fulfilled life.

Many of my clients are success-driven Visionaries who hire me to support them in creating their dream life. Some of them face tough challenges and need to reinvent themselves after a crisis. Some others have high-quality problems, which means not everybody gets them. Therefore they feel in a way lonely when it comes to opening up about what they experience. Some might feel guilty or even judged when they admit that they do not feel fulfilled, even not when working in their zone of excellence. Even not, when they have the relationship, the family they were longing for. So they strive to work not only in their zone of excellence but in their Genius zone to be more frequently in a Flow State. In their relationships, some of my clients are longing for a deeper connection. Also, improvements in time management, productivity, confidence, health and the implementation of success- habits are areas in which my clients strive for growth.

I am a mum of six sweet superheroes and an entrepreneur. Therefore I know a bit about daily organization struggles, when bringing everything under one roof. My first superwoman is 23. My younger superheroes are 8, 7, 5 years old and I have powerful twins at the age of 3. And let me tell you- they are all perfectly imperfect.

I have been working as an actress, editor, and speaker before I became a Jay Shetty certified Life & Success Coach, international Speaker and international Author. Already at an early age, I decided to become an actress and writer because I wanted to live as many lives as possible, to become everybody I like to become, and create everybody I want to create.

I wanted to live my perfect Life- perfectly!

Right before Covid happened, I jumped in the Jay Shetty certification school as a founding member.

It was the best place I could have asked to grow as a person and become a Life and Success Coach.

As an Expert on human Emotions, Struggles, Motivations, and Needs, I feel like I am settled now in another form of art and see myself as a sculptor. A sculptor of human beings. As a sculptor is not the leading part of the process- the material is- the client is the leading part of the journey together. There is this quote by Michelangelo: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” I do not carve, but will ask you thought provoking questions that allow you to set yourself free. I am the Guide on this journey. The client does the work in the process of growing. This is how they become a free creative Version of themselves. Furthermore, in the free version of themselves, their Purpose in Life gets more and more clear. We are all here for a reason. Getting clear about this, following your true path means experiencing Freedom, Confidence, Joy, and Love for Life and Humanity.

Who do you want to become?

I think a good coach does the same as a sculptor by discovering with you - growing into a new you.

Therefore you need to let go what does not serve you anymore.

You will learn to say -No- to what is stopping you and -Yes- to the YOU you want to become.

Coaching is a technique. When it comes to broader consciousness and mastery, it becomes as creative as art.

Who are my clients?

I work with highly intelligent, truly gifted, sensitive good-hearted individuals.

Some of my clients have experienced extreme success and wealth, living their dream life, but still felt something was missing. Some of my clients have faced trauma but have decided not to be defined of what has happened to them.

Adversity, failure, cheating, every burst of basic trust, losing a job or a loved one are hard lessons in life to digest.

Also feeling constantly unfulfilled over a long period can reinforce vicious patterns.

There are times in life when you only survive in survival mode, constantly living on autopilot.

You might experience breakdowns and pain. You may feel shattered inside as if your soul has fallen into pieces forever. If you hit rock bottom it might not be for the first time, but once again. I have been there, too.

When I was a child my Mom always told me they had a sign over the Kitchen Table when she was a child, saying: “Whenever you think you can´ t go on, From somewhere there comes a little light.” I found this cheesy.

But there is Truth in it.

You need to accept the present moment to create your Future. As soon as you do, you can move on.

Deep down you know you are a warrior.

You would not accept being broken forever.

You will find a way to create a bigger puzzle of your Life, stitched together with all the pieces and the glue of love, hope, freedom, joy, and trust.

I will always hold your back as I hold all my clients back, and they know it. They feel it.

My clients get the support they were longing for.

In me, they find the partner whom they can trust and who will challenge them to aim their goals brightly.

If you decide to work with me, you will be guided to create a version of yourself that is more joyful, happier, stronger, and powerful.

Post-traumatic growth is real!

Recovering from Perfectionism can be a lifelong journey.

I am here to guide you in facing your pain and growing out of the life— the one that was killing you, towards the life you desire— probably for a very long time.

You will become YOU by stepping into the perfectly imperfect master version of yourself.

So click on the link and book a FREE 60 Minutes Powerful Coaching call with me.

You will experience how Coaching can make your Life maybe not perfect- But great!

How can I serve you?

My positive, compassionate, and strength-related approach is the baseline for your Personal Growth.

  • Why do you miss Visions and Dreams in Life?

  • What is stopping you from living your true self?

  • What is your legacy to this World?

Have you asked yourself these questions?

If you are ready to do the inner work needed to create the best version of yourself, book a free coaching discovery session!

My positive, compassionate strength-related approach is the baseline for your personal growth.

If you are willing to get in action to thrive I will support you.

Get ready to become aware.

Do the inner work.

Create the best version of your life.

Discover your next important moves towards your personal success and the life you desire. No matter what difficult thoughts, circumstances, and emotions you are dealing with, you can transform yourself and everything around you. If you are ready to become aware and do the inner work needed to create the best version of your life, book a 20 minutes call and tell me about you!

My individual coaching programs cover working together for 3 months up to one year.


“Frida has been a great coach and helped me to kick off a part of my business by overcoming obstacles and procrastination that stopped me from reaching out to people. She was my accountability partner and that really helped me to stick to my goals and actually achieve more than I had in mind. Frida is enthusiastic and has a library of amazing tips to share which really helps to gain inspiration and motivation. Thank you for all your effort and energy!”

-Martijn van Eijck

“I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Frida, she is a very powerful coach and she helped me to work on some specific goals related to my health and nutrition. She helped me find the core reasons of some blocks that I had in starting a healthy routine and we worked together on installing new habits as well. It only took a few adjustments to allow me to create a much more balanced routine and after a month from our last session I can say that I am definitely seeing the long term benefits and it’s having a ripple effect on all others area of my life. I am so grateful for that! Thank you Frida!”

-Beatrice Montessori

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